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On this blog you will find mostly Homestuck and The Legend of Zelda, with a dash of various anime that I've come to enjoy over the years, and many, many video games.

You will also find cosplays! Both mine and my friends'. I'm not the greatest at it, but I'm still learning and costume construction is very, very fun and fulfilling to me.

[Eridan in the sidebar image is me, Vriska is Emily, and the photographer was Mur!]

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Yoshi thinks that Greninja is cool.


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“gamecube is now considered a classic console”


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A poor kid named John Egbert has been stuck inside his house for quite some time now (One could say he was homestuck). When he ventures outside, he ends up walking through the doors to reality, and seeing all of his friends at an anime convention. However, The Midnight Crew followed him through, and they’re planning a heist that will ruin Mythicon for everyone! Will John, with the help of the audience, be able to stop the Crew in their tracks?

Of Gold Rings and Temporal Things recording is now live! Check it out and share it with your friends! Please, please, PLEASE! 

This show was an epic collaborative effort, over a year and a half in the making, and our very first attempt at making a fully-immersive interactive show, much like many of the big panfandom fight, dance, and mystery shows that many conventions do, but all geared to one purpose: Making an awesome Homestuck adventure, that can even be understood by non-homestuck fans! Myself, the director and stage manager, and the entire cast would really appreciate it if you give this thing a watch! We’re by no means professionals, but we worked our butts off to make this thing a reality, so I really hope you do enjoy it! 

John Egbert - 
Dave Strider - 
Jade Harley - 
Rose Lalonde - 
Spades Slick - 
Diamonds Droog - 
Clubs Deuce - 
Hearts Boxcars - 
God Tier Dave Strider - 
Bro Strider - 
Jake English - 
Sn0wman - 
Gamzee Makara - 
Feferi Peixes - 
Ms. Paint -

Directed by
Videograhpy by 

HAPPY 4/13, everybody!

I see throwback reblogs all over my dash, so I thought I’d join in! This show was, and still is, my pride and joy and my precious baby. There are so many excellent memories surrounding this show. ;u; It was so fun to write and so exhilarating to direct.

If you haven’t yet, and are bored and need something to do for the next 45min-1hr, go ahead and give it a watch!

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Track Name: 4/13 Homestuck Mash Up


Happy 4/13 everyone!

I made a mash up of some of my favorite Homestuck songs for 4/13, I hope you enjoy!

(It may be too loud at some points it’s hard for me to tell I didn’t have functional headphones to check or not)

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Warning!  Challenger Approaching! » Sheik

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So how about Samus’ new shoes ay

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